act up is an independent organisation based in London that specialises in acting courses and communication training.  Run by Gemma Lloyd and other industry professionals, Gemma also casts and produces in film and theatre, and as well as managing actors and musicians, she promotes a fine artist and a film company.  If you need her assistance, just ask.

The London Hub celebrates the richness of our British culture through positive partnerships and dynamic arts events

Coming up at Act Up...

We're 15 years old this year... 

Here's to another 15 and feels like we should all have a party very soon.

Courses just  for YOU....  we're onto the Autumn already.

Time for a course - I reckon, as they say - you only live once, so never think and always do

act for - aimed at anyone that wants to work as a professional actor. Starts on Saturday 27th September. Danceworks (Bond Street)

act for more - aimed at anyone that has comepleted act for. Starts on Saturday 27th September. Danceworks (Bond Street)

act one - aimed at anyone that has either never acted or not for a very long time. Starts on Tuesday 30th September. The Royal Academy of Dance (Battersea)

Alexander Technique course for Acting - for anyone that wants to 'really' develop their voice and posture and their own sense. Starts on Saturday 4th October. The Royal Academy of Dance (Battersea)

act for screen - for professional actors who want to make the break from stage to screen. Starts on Saturday 4th October. The Royal Academy of Dance (Battersea)

Have questions, just ask.

Theatre can be made for everyone, we're determined.

The play we are currently developing is Boxer, Beetle a new play developed from the award winnning novel by Ned Beauman.

Art be the drink of life, ok made up but could be true.

Very happy to be working with painter and illustrator Ed Mpisunga he just had his exhibition SEER at the Crypt Gallery

Recently cast the US movie Calloused Hands, written and directed by Jesse Quinones. starring Andre Royo, Daisy Haggard and Hans Howes and will be shortly casting his new feature.

Moral of the tale is, 'put yourself out there', jump on a course and you never quite know what might happen.  One guarantee you'll give yourself a lovely bit of time for yourself.